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PJ Sparxx Biography Photo PJ Sparxx Biography
Born: 2/11/1969
Aliases: PJ Sparxx, P.J. Sparks, P.J. Sparx, P.J. Kerrington, PeeJee, Porsche Red

Birth Name: Laura Brown
Country of Origin: United States CO - Colorado
Place of Birth: Denver
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 165 cm - 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight: 57 kg - 125 lbs
Measurements: 32-24-33
Shoe Size: 7
Start: 1991 (Started around 22 years old)
Tattoos: Small animal right of top of mons

Sparxx appeared in over 200 adult films in a career that neatly spanned the 1990s, debuting in 1990 and quietly retiring in 1999. A scene from Cellar Dwellers 2 in which she appeared with Jeanna Fine and Tricia Devereaux won the 1998 AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene. She is also a member of the AVN Hall of Fame.

She performed in heterosexual scenes as well, her lesbian scenes attracted particular attention for their intensity; a scene from Cellar Dwellers 2 in which she appeared with Jeanna Fine and Tricia Devereaux won the 1998 AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene. She is also a member of the AVN Hall of Fame. She supplemented her income as an adult film star by stripping. Sparxx was for a time the off-screen girlfriend of porn actress Jill Kelly, and the two danced together for a period in an act called Fire and Ice (and also filmed a movie for Vivid about their partnership). Sparxx also dated Steve Orenstein briefly in 1990, then owner of the production company X-Citement Video. Orenstein would go on to form Wicked Pictures in 1993. Reportedly, Sparxx became increasingly concerned about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases as her career progressed and the threat of AIDS loomed. She began performing fewer heterosexual bareback scenes (insisting on condom usage) and engaging in more lesbian scenes. Although her concerns may have played a part in her exit from the industry, information on the actual reasons for her retirement is difficult to find. Sparxx is one of the few former porn stars who have managed to thoroughly disappear after retiring. In the mid-1990s, she appeared in a "porn bloopers" video, co-hosting with fellow porn star Jonathan Morgan. The video was unusual in that the two seemed to have some history, and it showed. Morgan made little effort to hide his contempt for the apparent "air-headedness" of his co-host (who, for example, was unable to pronounce "segue" after many attempts), at one point mocking her with a reference to Forrest Gump: "Hi, my name is P.J. Sparxx, and I'm as dumb as a box of chocolates!"

P.J. Sparxx dances on the road often, showing up in every part of the country.

During her first few years in the business, this stunning blonde evolved from a cute college coed type to a stunning leading lady with a commanding sexual presence. Natural breasts and a perfect, pear-shaped ass cap off her fashion model's physique. A spirited player who can act as well as fuck, some of P.J.'s best work has been made in conjunction with Wicked Pictures. Her turn in Wicked's The Secret Garden captures the energetic Sparxx at her early best. Elegant and erotic, P.J. is a welcome addition to every film in which she appears. P.J. took some time off in late 1994, but came back in 1995 with a revived outlook and a new determination. She has been cast in some solid projects where her talents can be fully utilized. In Tender Loving Care she takes on Misty Rain in a well shot bathtub scene that makes everyone wet! She dances on the road often, showing up in every part of the country. She toured for a while with then real-life girlfriend Jill Kelly as the dance duo Fire and Ice. P.J. and Jill even produced a movie for Wicked Pictures about their dance antics called Fire and Ice: Caught In The Act. The movie captures the girls in some behind the scenes action that goes way beyond what you'd expect! Recently, P.J. had her melons enlarged to fill out her figure and she intends on making lots more hard-core videos c/o WickedPictures

Written by Dan Miller for AVN Magazine:

P.J. Sparxx quietly disappeared from the X-rated spotlight in 1999, but her gorgeous face left a lasting impression on the industry. The sultry blonde performed in over 230 adult tapes throughout the '90s, solidifying her place in the AVN Hall of Fame with dozens and dozens of spirited romps.

Director Jim Holliday remembers meeting Sparxx for the first time in 1990 - the day she walked into agent Jim South's office. Ironically, Sparxx later made Holliday's Brown-Eyed Blondes (VCA Pictures, 1999) one of her final videos.

"I specifically hunted her down for Brown-Eyed Blondes," Holliday, a fellow Hall of Fame member, tells AVN. "I wanted her in that video."

Sparxx worked for just about every major adult company in a career that spanned nearly a decade. In addition to several VCA titles, she performed in videos for Vivid Entertainment Group, Wicked Pictures, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Video Team, Fat Dog, Erotic Angel, Sin City Entertainment, Las Vegas Video Entertainment and Rosebud, among several others.

Director Wesley Emerson recalled another side of Sparxx's personality that came out when he was shooting Bloopers (Video Team, 1994) and Bloopers 2 (1997).

"P.J. probably had one of the best senses of humor," Emerson says. "She could pass gas with the best of 'em."

Emerson also directed Sparxx in such titles as Video Team's Three Wives (1993) and No Man's Land 10-12 (1994-95), as well as VCA’s Deep Inside P.J. Sparxx (1995) and Shameless (1996).
"Her scenes were always hot," he recalls. "Every time I used her she was wonderful. And she had one of the prettiest pussies in town."

Emerson continues, "I never had a problem with her. She always gave it a little bit more; especially if it was a movie she wanted to do. To me anyway, she gave it her all when she did her scenes and I love her for it. And we got along pretty damn good. I never saw too much of a star attitude."

Emerson says Sparxx was the person who got him interested in moving to Thousand Oaks, where she was raised.

But like so many industry figures, Emerson has lost contact with the former starlet who, despite several attempts, could not be reached for an interview. Even former girlfriend Jill Kelly told AVN she hasn't talked to Sparxx in quite some time. "I haven't heard from her in a while. We lost touch," Kelly says. "She always had a beautiful face and her scenes were absolutely incredible."

Kelly recalled meeting Sparxx on a set in Palm Springs.

"We're both Aquarius, so we had a lot in common. We're both really perverted," Kelly jokes. "I worked with her quite a bit and we dated for about a year."

Kelly and Sparxx collaborated on a Wicked feature called Fire and Ice: Caught in the Act in 1995. Wicked publicist Daniel Metcalf at press time confirmed the company is converting that title to DVD because of its continued popularity. That same year the pair also did nasty things in Cover to Cover for Wicked.

Sparxx, who performed exclusively in g/g scenes in over 60 videos, won the AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene in 1997 for her threesome with Jeanna Fine and Tricia Devereaux in Cellar Dwellers 2 for Elegant Angel.

Sparxx delivered memorable performances in three of AVN's "101 Greatest Adult Tapes of All Time" that was published in August 2001. Coincidentally, all three titles came out in 1992. She closed the show in VCA's classic Chameleons: Not the Sequel (No. 24 on the list) in a blistering threeway with Jon Dough and Mickey Ray. Sparxx sparkled again in the Ultimate Pictures scorcher Hidden Obsessions (No. 48), perhaps most notably in her tryst with Heather Hart and Peter North. And she took on T.T. Boy in X-Citement Video's Secret Garden (No. 69).

"In the history of X-rated films, P.J. Sparxx's face belongs in the top five percent of all women who appeared in porn," Holliday concludes. "In her heyday, she fucked with more gusto than others with equally beautiful faces.

"Had she played her cards right, had she been properly motivated or had the ambition, she could've become Annette Haven and Seka rolled into one."

Movie Review : Deep Inside P.J. Sparxx XCritic's
Deep Inside P.J. Sparxx


Genre: Compilation, PJ Sparxx

Director: Wesley Emerson

Cast: PJ Sparxx, Marc Wallace, Sunny McKay, Peter North, Melanie Moore, TT Boy, Randy West, Jeanna Fine, Caressa Savage, Nicole London, and Debi Diamond

Length: 80 minutes

Date of Production: "prior to July 3, 1995" (the scenes are from the early 1990's)

Extra's: audio biography of PJ, photogallery, Jim Holliday's "Hall Of Fame" special, list of three other titles, paper dvd catalog for VCA

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. Many of the scenes were over 10 years old and they showed their age but fans of PJ will know that there simply aren't any better sources for these scenes-if you like PJ, you're stuck with the limitations of the sources material. The audio wasn't quite as varied but it wasn't top of the line either.

Body of Review: Compilations are typically a mixed bag. If you like the lead star or the action they are focusing on, they tend to be better than getting a dozen or so separate movies in order to obtain the scenes. Well, the focus of this review is the budget line of compilation of Deep Inside P.J.Sparxx. If you remember this gal from years ago, you'll know how she swept porn with a taste for sex-both with other gals and with men, and eventually doing anal well before it was popularized by the gonzo companies. The nice thing about this compilation is that the scenes are introduced by PJ herself which is a far cry from the tossed together compilations I'm used to-if only some of the scenes didn't appear edited. With that said, I'll offer you a breakdown of the scenes by movie, cast and actions, just remember that the technical limitations are very evident:

Scene One: Merry Widows: 1993: PJ and Marc had a scene in a dark room on a couch while another guy watched. It was okay and no condom was used for those who care in this oral with straight scene.

Scene Two: Blue Bayou: 1994: PJ and Sunny had a scene on a strip club dance floor. I liked their outfits and thought PJ looked exceptionally good here (except for the grain of course). Warm.

Scene Three: Anal Encounters #6: 1991PJ and Peter had what was her first anal scene. It took place in a bathroom and had some warmth (they were friends at the time) but as PJ herself admitted during the interview, it hurt her a lot to do it and that limited the pleasure aspect of the scene. While it was her first, it was not her best, anal.

Scene Four: Merry Widows: 1993: PJ and Melanie had a short but fulfilling lesbian scene together that PJ suggests caused her to orgasm quickly and often. Too bad the movie wasn't made better so we could enjoy it as much as she did.

Scene Five: Anal Encounters #5: 1991: PJ and TT had a "hard and fast" scene on a towel beside a pool. The anal was better here per PJ. The scene was slightly warm.

Scene Six: Sexual Limits: 1992: PJ and Randy had a scene in bed with her looking most tasty. I liked it but it seemed edited as though something was cut out. Not bad though.

Scene Seven: P.J.'s Fantasy: 1995: PJ, Jeanna, Debi, Nicole and Caressa all had a big lesbian toy orgy that was made specifically for this compilation back in 1995. I thought it was easily the best scene of the compilation and the most complete with lots of fun. If you like strap on dildo action and anal play between gals, you'll love this one. Yum!

Summary: If you like PJ and want to see her on dvd, you could do a lot worse than this dvd. While I would've appreciated more scenes and better extras, you can find this one on sale pretty cheap. I'm listing it as Rent It for any fans of PJ's who want to see her early years but most porn lovers will want to pass it up-only the last scene had enough replay value to merit a purchase or rental.

Fan Commands:
Just such a beautiful women. Still got a massive crush on her after all these years. I agree with others have said, her bum was just amazing. Later in her career when she put some weight on her ass was even better.
Not sure what she is up to these days but hope she is doing well.

Without doubt, the merry widows.The scene with Melanie Moore is so hot.

I'm trying to find one film,I think it was hers but maybe my memory plays tricks with me(It's been a lot of time since I saw it).The movie was about a couple who wanted to get pregnant.After trying a lot ,they asked a friend to help them.In some of the scenes she wasn't so sure about it,but after some trials she gets more comfortable and gives a really good acting.

I hope someone can help me because I'm going crazy trying to find this movie.

She is great in Sinderella which also stars the late, great Savannah and the incredible Racquel Darrien. With these three ladies all in the same movie what can I say? - a ballbreaker Mister, a real ballbreaker!!

I'd also like to get Rocket Girls - I have a feeling that would also be quite a romantic skin flick - I've saw it on cable TV years ago and the music in it was great - I read somewhere that PJ liked working for Stuart Canterberry - the director of it.

(PS - I know you're out there somewhere PJ - please can you e-mail me again like you used to?!!)

My favorite movie of hers is Spread Sheets. P.J. is soo hot in this movie, although she is amazingly hot and beatiful in every movie she has ever done.

Most beatiful adult star ever!!!!

Thank you P.J.

Know she left the business a long time ago now, but her ass has still to be bettered :)

I agree with the first comment, her ass must be just better by now ... I wish she made a video by now of her just walking in a swim suit or thong-string , 30 min long video... Wow , i my dreams!

Love them all! Not only is she gorgeous, she acts like she enjoys what she does, just doesnt lay there but participates. What sends me over the edge is the peach fuzz on that beautiful Body.

Hi PJ!
To answer the question suggested by the blog - one of my fave films of yours is only a cameo appearance by you - no reflection on you of course - but it's such a magic film - Blue Bayou. So well-photographed and atmospheric. Nothing cheap or tacky looking here - if you want gonzo get Anabolic - but for the lady who puts ass in class get PJ. Deirdre Holland is outstanding in it - what a bod! Little Brittany O'Connel gets a whole short chapter on the disc for her money-shot blowjob - very thoughtful that! That girl from down under Sunny McKay shines as befits her name as she covorts with you onstage. What the hell is that guy in the audience chokin? A rubber chicken - or his own??!! Misty swamps - strange goings-on, a crazy old coot - played as usual by EZ Rider - a close-up of your lovely ass - what more could anyone ask? Superb music too - latin style - suitably steamy. My cat is about to climb onto my keyboard so I'd better blow ! BTW - your scene with Rocco in Mickey Finn is one of your best - love the way he licks your glorious derriere! Quelle jolies fesses - as they might say in the French Quarter. Later - I hope.
Alan the Poet

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